Timely and reliable information
in firefighting

Automatic and adaptive detection for fire ignitions allow identifying smoke columns, hot spots or blazes, in day and nighttime, under harsh weather like mist or fog. Remote monitoring and real-time information based on georeferenced video streaming give firefighting task forces immediate notifications and precise incident locations.


A real-time surveillance system offers a suite of integrated possibilities, where Internet of Things (IoT) meets Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), meets Augmented Analytics (AA), meets Artificial Intelligence (AI), that lets firefighting task forces seamlessly manage and battle multiple conflagrations, with efficient allocation of resources.


Wildfire detection and support to decision-making


Wildfire monitoring system with automatic detection of emerging fires and instantaneous first response trigger. Support to decision-making in wildfire management allowing an efficient allocation of resources during firefighting.


CICLOPE is a building block system designed to operate in any location and territory size and is composed of two main elements.

Surveillance and Data Acquisition Towers


Video and IR cameras with effective, continuous 360º pan range, 40Km     zoom range for detection up to 20km
Communications over IP provide exceptional performance from image capture to viewing and processing
Expandable, unlimited digital communications – microwave, UMTS, fiber optics
Meteorological data collection
Independent power – solar panels, wind generators or AC power
Security kits

Control and Management Centers


Visual and audio alerts complete automatic detection alerts with instantaneous first response trigger
Wildfire remote monitoring and real-time information based on geo-referenced video streaming
Wildfire management tool allows efficient allocation of resources in firefighting and lets firefighters seamlessly manage and battle multiple conflagrations
Intuitive user-friendly interface application with multiuser features
Web interface access availability


Modular and scalable implementation


CICLOPE is an integrated system offered as a turnkey solution, including:
All equipment, licenses and accessories
Full maintenance contract
Operational initial training
24/7 help-desk and onsite support
Continuous R&D ensuring system updates and upgrades


On average, the CICLOPE team ensures completion of a project in 3-month time after the purchase agreement signature and depending on the territory size and particular characteristics of each location and other project complexities/constraints.


Extensive Coverage

early stage fire detection up to 20km

Proven solution

7,000,000+ acres of protected territory

Easy deployment

modular and scalable building block system

Integrated Interface

intuitive and user-friendly application

Multiuser support

mobile capabilities for teams onsite

Cost effective

for as little as a $1.30 per hectare/year


With 10+ years of thorough R&D and a pilot operating on site, the demand for the system boosts soon after the 2017 most destructive fires in Portugal’s history, devastating the center and north regions of the country. The dead toll rose to more than 120 people and more than 1 Million acres of land were consumed by the blazes also causing billions of euros in property damages. Everything went wrong, with government, local governments, civil protection authorities, firefighters, police, telecoms and utilities blaming each other for the mess and the casualties.


However, in the middle of all that turmoil and burned territory there was a part of land where things were running smoothly, efficiently and in an organized manner and starting fires did not upsurge: the only share of land covered by CICLOPE. From then on, all local governments, private tenants and firefighting task force authorities in the country are on the verge of installing the CICLOPE system in their territories.


Today, CICLOPE is experiencing an increasing demand predicting to triple the number of hectares of protected forests in the next two years.


Our people comprising surveillance engineering, Software Design, IoT, UAV, Augmented Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence INOV experts, Autonomous Energy and Communication Networks INOV specialists teaming up with firefighters, police departments, forest managers and watch guards and community leaders
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